Imagine a test that opens doors for healthcare heroes like doctors, nurses, dentists, and more, to practice their skills in English-speaking lands. That’s the power of OET, the Occupational English Test—a language assessment tailored for medical champs who dream of healing and caring beyond borders.

OET is your passport to success if you’re a healthcare pro eyeing a new horizon. This test is the trusted choice of 12 noble professions: dentistry, dietetics, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech pathology, and veterinary science. Whether you’re a nurturing nurse, a skilled surgeon, or a caring dentist, OET has your back.

Back in the late 1980s, Professor Tim McNamara gave life to OET with the guidance of Australia’s National Office for Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR). The University of Melbourne Language Testing Research Centre and Cambridge Assessment English joined hands to nurture this brainchild. Today, OET’s journey continues under the banner of the Cambridge Box Hill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA), a partnership between Cambridge Assessment English and Box Hill Institute.

Why choose OET? Because it’s a language ladder recognized by healthcare boards and councils across the globe. From the rolling hills of New Zealand to the bustling streets of Dubai, OET stands tall, endorsed by Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the USA, Ireland, Singapore, Namibia, Ukraine, and more.

What’s your style? OET lets you choose how to take the leap. Feel the thrill at a test venue with OET on paper or OET on a computer. Or find comfort in your space with OET at home. Flexibility meets success, just the way you want it.

OET unveils its four magical modules:

  • Listening (approx. 45 minutes): Step into the world of healthcare conversations. Whether it’s patient consultations or enlightening lectures, OET’s listening module is your window to understanding health-spoken magic.
  • Reading (60 minutes): Dive into the realm of healthcare texts. Uncover the secrets of health-related topics through different types of reading material. It’s your journey through knowledge.
  • Writing (45 minutes): Tailored for your profession, this module takes you through typical workplace scenarios. Craft letters with precision—an expert’s touch to referral letters, transfer notes, and patient advice.
  • Speaking (approx. 20 minutes): Your profession takes center stage. Engage in role-plays where you’re the healthcare star. Navigate through conversations with patients, clients, and caregivers, and show your speaking prowess.

So, whether you’re a healer, a nurturer, or a medical guardian, OET is your bridge to international healthcare landscapes. Embrace OET, and let your language skills shine as you touch lives worldwide.


What is the OET?

The OET (Occupational English Test) is a standardized test of English language proficiency for healthcare professionals. It is a four-part test that assesses listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. The OET is required for registration and employment in many healthcare settings in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland.

What is the average OET score?

The average OET score is 350. However, the average OET score for different healthcare professions can vary. For example, the average OET score for nurses is 360, while the average OET score for doctors is 370.

How can I improve my OET score?
There are many ways to improve your OET score. Some of the most effective methods include:

* Taking practice tests: This is the best way to get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.
* Studying with a tutor: A tutor can help you identify your weaknesses and develop a study plan.
* Using online resources: There are many online resources available to help you prepare for the OET.
* Reading books and articles: There are many books and articles available that can help you improve your OET skills.
* Practicing your speaking skills: You can practice your speaking skills by talking to friends, family, or colleagues. You can also record yourself speaking and listen back to your recordings.

Why is Brain Tree Overseas the best institute in Chandigarh to join for OET preparation?

Brain Tree Overseas is the best institute in Chandigarh to join for OET preparation because of the following reasons:
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What are the benefits of joining Brain Tree Overseas for OET preparation?

The benefits of joining Brain Tree Overseas for OET preparation include:
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* You will have the opportunity to take mock tests and receive one-on-one tutoring sessions.
* You will be part of a supportive community of students who are all working towards the same goal.